Benjamin Rhodes Plaque

Plaque to the memory of Benjamin Rhodes

The original Ailesbury Mausoleum was designed by Benjamin Rhodes, steward to the first Lord Elgin. Built in 1656 it was an octagonal building built over the crypt and connected to the church by a corridor.

On a quiet day in 2015, Michael Richardson and Chris Calvey discovered, under the Brook’s vault inside the church, a slate tablet dedicated to Benjamin Rhodes. This used to lie at the entrance to the original passageway connecting the church to the Mausoleum.

The society has realised the importance of this tablet and have had it framed. It will be on show at future openings of the Mausoleum.

It was mentioned by the Ampthill historian Mary S.F.George who described her visit in the Bedfordshire Magazine in the 1950’s.

Benjamin Rhodes plaque